Do you know your R&D effort relating to the business value of features and the quality of their implementation?

Our feature-based software analysis let your business and software development act in concert. Heated subjective discussions turn into data-driven, fact-based business decisions.

How well can you extend or add new features for customers?

Which parts of the code can you extend well (and which not)? Which parts are worth improving (and which not)?

DETANGLE measures feature maintainability to suggest improvements relevant to your business functionality.

Where do you expect the most errors to come?

Identifying the hot spots of bugs is one part of the game. But predicting new hotspots allows addressing them early.

DETANGLE predicts errors and suggests improvements to avoid exponential cost growth later.

Effort Monitoring

For what (functionality) and where (in code) do you spend the main development effort? Is it supposed to be this way?

DETANGLE monitors the effort distribution to let you check customer value against effort expectations.

Effort Estimation

How do you know how much effort it takes to improve your quality? Is there any evidence to base on your estimations?

DETANGLE provides effort estimations of quality improvements to balance improvement benefits versus their costs.

Process Quality Monitoring

What needs to be done - in a pragmatic way - to be able to answer the former questions?

DETANGLE measures the process quality and suggests process improvements to get the most beneficial recommendations.

People’s system knowledge - managing the main risks

DETANGLE’s objective is identifying the patterns of system knowledge within your teams, across teams and reducing its main risks. People and their system knowledge are a major player in software engineering. If there is no balanced distribution of system knowledge, no right knowledge cooperation within a team and across teams your system gets easily doomed.

Safety versus agility - being flexible and getting safety

DETANGLE’s objective is aligning the engineering of safety-critical systems with agile methods by monitoring the ability to flexibly handle safety requirements during later iterations as well without an extensive up-front design which is hard to adapt afterwards. DETANGLE offers the appropriate dashboards and views to show safety compliance to certification authorities based on engineering data and evidence.

DETANGLE lets you take decisions in a mutually comprehensibly and agreeable way be offering an objective perspective on any project.

DETANGLE makes the invisible visible by delivering "aha moments" to engineers and managers alike.

DETANGLE enables all stakeholder to find an optimal balance between features and quality when realizing new features and reducing technical debt.


Improved Quality
Improved Monitoring
Improved Planning