DETANGLE Project Quality Analysis

The Project Quality Analysis service provides actionable quality recommendations to software managers and engineers to make value-based decisions about the software system. The analysis evaluates the feature modularity debt of your code for the functionality being most important and relevant for your future business. It consults you on which parts of your system are worth improving for quality, for defect risk deduction and process quality. It also supports in estimating the needed effort to perform the quality improvements based on past data and risk indicators.

The service includes an analysis report and docker images containing all DETANGLE dashboards and views with the analysis results for project/system leaders and engineers to interact with. The analysis can be done once or on a regular basis.

KAIT IT Projects Compliance Evaluation

KAIT* is the German financial asset management regulation policy of IT services published by the German BaFin* authority.

The KAIT IT Projects Compliance Evaluation service focuses on the KAIT requirements on IT projects like application and product development. It (1) analyzes the status quo of your current IT Projects, their software engineering processes and techniques, (2) identifies gaps with respect to the KAIT IT projects requirements and (3) recommends a prioritized set of customized best practices to achieve KAIT IT projects conformity by addressing the main risks. The recommendations are based on many years of software engineering and software analysis experience of Cape of Good Code.

The service deliverable includes an analysis report of the status-quo of your IT projects of application/product development, precise recommendations of specifically adapted best practices and a prioritized list of action items. The evaluation can be done once or on a regular basis. KAIT conformity can be partially monitored by a DETANGLE Process Quality Improvement analysis of Cape of Good Code as well.

[More on the KAIT Conformity Evaluation (in German)]

*KAIT: Kapitalverwaltungsaufsichtlichen Anforderungen an die IT
*BaFin: Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht

DETANGLE Process Quality Improvement

The Process Quality Improvement service aims creating the prerequisites for performing the first Project Quality Analysis within a time frame of three months. The service provides training and hands-on coaching on handling issues and handling commits to your code repository to apply the pragmatic steps needed to adapt your development process.

We will apply the DETANLGE Process Quality Analyses iteratively to make the process improvement and further process refinements visible to everyone involved. At the end of three months the service includes the first DETANGLE Project Quality Analysis applied to your project and all the results and deliverables which are part of the Project Quality Analysis service.

DETANGLE Business&Software Development Alignment

The DETANGLE Business&Software Development Alignment service consults on how to close the loop of business and software development with respect to identifying and managing the competitive advantage of your differentiating features.

It provides an analysis and improvement recommendations for your software system and software process by investigating the feature effort effectiveness and feature debt of your system functionality. Customers get guidance on how to perform the improvements and how to make them visible with DETANGLE. The evaluation can be performed several times during the lifetime of a project to monitor the improvement progress.

DETANGLE Project Knowledge Risk Analysis

The DETANGLE Project Knowledge Risk Analysis identifies the system knowledge patterns in your teams like knowledge islands, knowledge clutters, the system experts, technology experts and key coordinators. It evaluates the major risks of knowledge distribution with respect to critical parts your system. It also reveals any harmful inter-team and intra-team cooperation patterns in order to take action upon.


In a one-day training workshop, at your site, we aim at getting the most value out of a DETANGLE analysis yourself. You will investigate your own software system to identify more and more actionable findings.

DETANGLE Process Quality Improvement Training

In a half-day tutorial, we are suggesting and discussing process improvements how to handle issues to increase quality, get to an insightful monitoring and better planing.