Cape of Good Code has been founded in 2018 as the result of over seven years of practical research in the realm of software quality analysis at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich. During that period we have tried out and validated a vast number of different approaches by applying our methods in numerous architecture review and software quality projects at Siemens.

After leaving Siemens, we have picked the most promising ideas, combined them with many innovative features and implemented a totally new and unique analysis tool, which we named DETANGLE, from scratch. At the end, we have created a way to face quality problems by balancing conflicting forces and parties: monetizable features pushed by managers and costs of quality improvements promoted by software engineers.

It took us over a year and a lot of free time work to get DETANGLE up and running. However, the certainty about the utility of our product and the conviction that we make business managers and software engineers get buddies instead of opponents never let us doubt the way we went.


Egon Wuchner and Konstantin Sokolov are two highly skilled and experienced software engineers. Together, they have more than 30 years experience in software engineering as project leader, architect and developer. The collaboration was born out of the idea that software analysis can be done way better. More fact-driven, more business-oriented, more effective.

Egon Wuchner


20 years in software engineering
developer, architect, project leader

Konstantin Sokolov

Dipl.-Ing. (Tech. Informatik)

10 years in software engineering
developer, architect