Collective Code Ownership neugedacht

Informatik Aktuell: Rethinking (Collective) Code Ownership – Knowledge Distribution Risks Demonstrated With the German Corona-Warn-App

Our article at Informatik Aktuell (in German) about knowledge distribution patterns such as Knowledge Balances, Knowledge Islands and Knowledge Tangles by the example of the German Corona-Warn-App has been published on  March 9, 2021.

As a project manager for a software development team

  • Do you know the team structure?
  • Do you know who is working on what?
  • Do you know whether the respective developer has the best knowledge prerequisites?

“You don’t have to”, say the advocates of agile development, because “the team organises itself”. And by the way, the principle of “collective code ownership” prevails, i.e. everyone is responsible for everything in the code.

With a little thought, one starts to wonder, e.g. because “collective code ownership” contradicts the principle of modularisation and efficient development.

But the principle is not only dubious, it also causes harm…

Click here for the English translation of the article. For more on the Corona-Warn-App, check out our blog: Corona-Warn-App – On the Way To Critical Technical Debt?

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